How Xarcade Works

How Xarcade Works: You will need to register
You will need to register

You can register either as a game developer by going to the game developer section on this website and as a gamer.

How Xarcade Works: Play your favourite games
Play your favourite games

You will be able to play both Android and desktop games.

How Xarcade Works: Exchange into XAR
Exchange into XAR

In the Xarcade Marketplace, you can exchange your in-game tokens and NFTs into XAR, then you can swap your XAR for other cryptocoins on a cryptocurrency exchange.

How Xarcade Works: Accrue in-game tokens and NFTs
Accrue in-game tokens and NFTs

Gamers can purchase XAR, in-game tokens and NFTs or acquire them from their skills in games. Game developers have the flexibility on Xarcade to be creative in how to set up their in-game economies along with being able to work with other game developers through forming partnerships on the blockchain.

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About Xarcade

The gaming experience has gotten a power-up

Start playing your favourite games on the blockchain by using Xarcade's stable utility token XAR. Game developers have the added security of using XAR for their games because of its stable value with 1 XAR being worth 1 EUR (i.e., about 1.2 USDT). Users can exchange their in-game tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to XAR and in turn exchange XAR for fiat.

Xarcade enables game developers and gamers to accrue by gameplay, exchange, purchase and transfer the in-game tokens, NFTs and XAR from the published games. Xarcade also facilitates the buying of in-game tokens and NFTs with XAR, making it possible for the users to purchase outside of the game too in the Xarcade Marketplace.

Platform Technology

Embrace blockchain technology

By using ProximaX blockchain technology for seamlessly blockchaining a game and publishing it on Xarcade, game developers can provide for their gamers secure and fast transactions while playing.

Before game developers publish their mainnet game whereby the game's assets have real value, Xarcade has made it possible for game developers to release their games in the testnet environment where the assets have no real value for you to share with your contacts to test your game and give you valuable feedback.

Xarcade Ecosystem

Enter the Xarcade metaverse

Xarcade makes it possible for game developers to partner with each other by having their in-game tokens, NFTs and avatars become a part of each other's games' economies. In addition, they can also perform airdrops of in-game tokens or NFTs in each other's games. Through Xarcade user collaboration, various game communities can be ignited and linked to each other.

Game Distribution Made Simple and Easy

Account registration
Account registration

The registration process includes the game developer creating a ProximaX Sirius Wallet.

Create your first game
Create your first game

In your Sirius Wallet you can register a Namespace which will be the equivalent of your game title and then create your Asset (in-game tokens and NFTs).

Create token for your game
Test and publish your game

Upon setting up a game, the testnet* game is released to receive feedback from game testers. When the game is deemed ready, the mainnet game is published.

* For our upcoming Xarcade testnet platform release, Xarcade testnet game developers will be able to send free testnet XPX to their Sirius Testnet Wallets which will be used for setting up their games.

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The Team

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Otto von Nostitz
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Lon Wong
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