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Video Game

It is a game changer and is a cost-less direct alternative to other app stores in the market.

Introducing XAR a stable utility coin that is used on Xarcade's platform

What is XARCADE?

The Xarcade platform distributes video games that are developed based on Sirius Platform technology. These games are integrated into the Sirius Platform through the use of the Xarcade Software Developer Kit (SDK) which can be downloaded by game developers from the platform. Thus making it possible for game developers to seamlessly integrate blockchain-based tokens, whether Fungible Tokens (FTs) or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into their games. To learn more about Xarcade please download the Xarcade Project Paper below.

Xarcade is a ProximaX-powered cost-effective video game distribution/exchange platform for both game developers and gamers to use. It is a game changer and is a cost-less direct alternative to other app stores in the market. Xarcade does not levy game developers anything for the sale of in-game credits, changing the paradigm, and passing these cost savings to gamers.

Our Mission

To shift the game distribution platform paradigm by making it cost-less for game developers to use our platform.

To pass on these cost savings so that gamers can have a better user experience and not having to pay more.

To create a new kind of ecosystem for both game developers and gamers to interact together, where ideas can be exchanged to further improve existing and new games.

How it Works

A game developer and gamer both sign up to the platform in order to upload and manage their games.

A gamer on the platform becomes part of the gaming ecosystem whereby the gamer can exchange earned in-game credits across different games.

Game developers can directly distribute their games at almost no costs to them.

All platform transactions will be verified and processed using the Sirius Platform technology in a safe and secure manner.

Gamers will be able to make in-game purchases and convert in-game credits into XAR on the platform.

The games from our platform incentivizes gamers to have the ability to convert their XAR into BTC at a cryptocurrency exchange.

Meet the Team

Otto von NostitzCo-Founder and CEO

Otto has a Hon. BA from the University of Toronto and an MA from the Australian National University. He is a partner in the Malaysia-based Corporate Council Consultancy that brings technology businesses to the Asia Pacific region and has been an active Sirius Platform promoter. He has diverse experience in the IT field, including the establishment of a Malaysian video game company Xhai Studios and the successful launching of an Asian online karaoke company Rising Stars in the Philippines. In Singapore, he works with AlpsSocial a digital financial network company. He is a Director of Eco Premium Packaging Sdn Bhd and a Listing Agent for the Initial License Offering Contract Exchange (ILOCX).Linkedin

Lon WongCo-founder and Head of Strategy

Lon is the Founder and CEO of ProximaX a next generation blockchain company. Widely recognised as a leading proponent of blockchain globally, as well as having helmed the NEM.io Foundation as its Founder and first President, Lon brings with him over three decades of entrepreneurial experience in electrical engineering, software application development, network technology, and internet service provisioning. Where humanitarian and technology converge, he funded and established an autism centre in Malaysia providing Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Lon holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Australia.LinkedinTwitter

Frequently Asked Questions

XAR is a NEM Mosaic. It is a smart asset on the NEM blockchain.

Yes, using XAR is the only means by which a gamer and a game developer can purchase both in-game credits and in-game products on Xarcade.

1 XAR is 1 EUR and is pegged to the value of XBT on XE.com.

We need it to be tied because game developers would like to receive predictable revenues.

A token swap is a process by which one cryptocurrency is exchanged for another.
In this case, we are migrating the current XAR tokens (NIS1) to the ProximaX Sirius blockchain.

In order for you to continue utilizng your tokens on Xarcade, you will need the new XAR tokens.

ProximaX created an effortless procedure for the token swap.

Here is the simple swap process:

  1. 1. Download the latest version of the desktop wallet here.
  2. 2. Create wallet from private key.
  3. 3. Enter NIS1 private key.
  4. 4. Tick swap box.
  5. 5. Enter swap amount.
  6. 6. Save swap certificate.
  7. 7. Swap commences, and within a few hours, Sirius wallet balance reflects receipt of XAR.

For any concerns and/or question with regard to the XAR Token Swap, you can reach out to us via telegram https://t.me/xarcadeofficial.

XAR will be listed on some exchanges whereby you can sell XAR for BTC. Please standby for an update regarding which exchanges XAR will be available on.

At present, Xarcade is focusing on releasing APK-based and web-based Android games. The next steps will be to focus on applying the Xarcade Software Developer Kit (SDK) to Personal Computer (PC) games, console games and Virtual Reality. Please standby for when this will occur.

The NEM SDK provides for the ability to issue and sell in-game credits and in-game products for XAR. The Xarcade platform is tightly coupled with the Xarcade SDK.

Xarcade’s exchange mechanism is to use XAR as the pivoting cryptocurrency, i.e., in-game credit<->XAR<->BTC.

Yes, when you are the reseller you can collect a levy for all transactions happening about the given in-game credit. It is important to note that the levies will always be sent to the in-game credit’s creator. So each “reseller” in this case, would publish their own levied mosaics.

Yes, the game developer will sell it for XAR.

Yes, the game developer can convert XAR from his sold in-game credits at the exchange.

Yes, one will be able to trade in-game credits and XAR both ways on Xarcade.

Yes, every in-game credit and XAR can be transacted from within or without the Xarcade platform and from any address.

Yes, there will be a feature in place on Xarcade to facilitate the sending of XAR to other NEM addresses.

Upon the first XAR transaction, the Xarcade App requires users to provide the private key of their wallet that contains XAR. The Xarcade App will then send the wallet’s NEM address to the back end server, not the private key. The user’s device has a copy of the private key encrypted using the user-supplied PIN or password and will be decrypted only when signing transactions. The private key never leaves the device.

The Xarcade App is designed to streamline the experience of game developers and provides what you see is what you get “WYSIWYG” publishing tools that allow you to see how it is going to look on the Xarcade store while editing your game’s information. Upon submission, the game developers will have to wait for approval by the Xarcade team. Once their game is approved, game developers will have control over when they would like their game to go live, by hitting the “Publish” button. Shortly afterwards, game developers would be able to see their games listed in the Xarcade store.

At present, the Xarcade SDK can only be applied to Android-based games console games and PC games. It is not applicable to iOS-based games.