Otto von Nostitz, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Specializing in IT marketing, Otto has a Hon. B.A. from the University of Toronto and an M.A. from Australian National University. He has diverse experience in the IT field, including a partnership in a Malaysian video gaming company called Xhai Studios, the creation of the ThreadZ fashion app and the successful launching of an Asian online karaoke company Rising Stars in the Philippines. He is the Asia Pacific Director of the ALLIEDSX International stock exchange currently in a start-up mode and a partner in the Malaysia based Corporate Council S.A. that brings technology businesses to the Asia Pacific region.

Lon Wong, Strategist

With more than 30 years in the ICT business, Lon is an experienced and successful entrepreneur technologist, holding a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Through Bizsurf Sdn. Bhd., Lon pioneered wireless internet broadband services in Malaysia, enabling him to be commercially successful in winning one of the WiMax licences in the country. Experienced across a wide spectrum of network, infrastructure and software design, he is the Founder and CEO of Dragonfly Fintech Pte. Ltd. a blockchain company and the international President of the Foundation, a non-profit organization charged with the promotion of the cutting edge NEM blockchain technology.

Stephen Chia, Partnership Development

Stephen, the Regional Head of the Foundation in Southeast Asia, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and an M.B.A. in International Management from Pace University New York. He has wide-ranging experience in the IT sector working with companies such as IBM, C. Itoh & Co. and Ernst &Young. He was founder of start-up companies WI Networks and BizSurf growing this business into the successful ISP YES network in Malaysia, while one of his start-up companies ADAcode Systems received the APICTA Awards in IT innovation, and accorded the Prime Minister's "Best of the Best Award" in Malaysia.

Kailin Odonnel, Platform Core Developer

A founding member of the Foundation and software developer, Kailin spent five years in database technology, web design, and software development related formal education. In Ireland he is certified at the FETAC 5 & 6 advanced level in information technology and networks & software systems. In addition, he also has an Irish database management qualification with an MYSQL certification as well as a certification in web design. He has developed a number of back end applications for NEM including a C# Software Developer Kit (SDK) to lower the barrier to entry for other developers.

Maxim Nawangwe, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

A graduate with a B.A. from Limkokwing University Malaysia, Maxim has been an active programmer in the commercial video games industry since his high school days specializing in games using drag and drop software. Maxim has since then expanded his development skills outside the games industry, focusing on software engineering and developing a more wide-ranging programming proficiency. This has enabled him to play a key role with a number of high profile digital interactive projects including motion sensing advertisement installations, theme park attractions and virtual reality tours.

Dani Hussain, Web Developer

Holding an M.A in Computing from Manchester Metropolitan University, Dani is the CEO of Syslab Technologies Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia, comprising 15 international programmers and designers with expertise in web systems development, business process automation and internet marketing. Dani's dynamic and diverse knowledge in tech and systems optimization has helped many companies grow exponentially. His portfolio includes start-ups in sectors such as education, travel, transportation, health & beauty, construction & logistics saving his clients time and money while maximizing their profits.